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In order to obtain professional Healthcare licensing, it is necessary to challenge the respective certification examination(s). Once successfully completed, the student will receive nationally accredited certification and licensure.

All examinations are  timed and multiple choice. They are exclusively based on theoretical knowledge and will not contain any practical/hands-on demonstrations.

Examinations are offered in paper and pencil format, as well as electronically.  You will have the opportunity to specify your preference at the time of exam registration.Both formats utilize multiple choice, have the same number of questions, and the same types of questions. Testing format has no bearing on the level of difficulty.

Exam Preparation:

Reviewing the study materials provided to you and going through the online training modules is the absolute best way to ensure your success. They have been carefully designed to guide the student through the seemingly arduous process of becoming certified. Be certain to take advantage of those materials to benefit from the best possible outcome.